Minoring in College

Dec 23, 2021

Ok there’s a Minor thing we need to talk about…


So, you’re going for your BFA in theatre. You’ve selected your college theatre program, and you’ve completed your college audition. But have you thought about what you might want to minor in? No? Well, let’s discuss why it might be a good idea for you to start thinking about it. While college theatres teach you how to be an actor, they don’t necessarily teach you how to LIVE as an actor.

I know, I know, some of you are thinking “but I’m going to be an actor. I need to focus all my time and energy on being the best I can be at that.” Yes, you absolutely need to focus your energies on that. But unless you are the next Sutton Foster, you’re going to need something else to help you bring in income while you’re working as an actor. Minors can help you get set up for continual additional income WHILE you’re making money as an actor.

So, what are the best minors for BFA track students to take you might ask?

Computer Sciences/Software Development: As an actor you will need your own website. Hiring someone to create this for you is fine, but that’s an additional expense you’ll have to pay. If you have a minor in software development though, not only could you manage/create your own website, but you could also do this for other actor friends who need help, thus creating another source of income.

Business Minor: As an actor you are essentially an entrepreneur. You will need to understand business law, taxes, write-offs, etc. Having a minor in business can help you with all of that.

Hard Science: Let’s say you have plans to be a speech pathologist after acting, so getting your master’s is in the cards for you. That’s fantastic! Did you know that you’ll need some extra classes in order to go for those masters? Take your anatomy now! Minor in a science to have those classes out of the way!

Law: A lot of actors go into law. Minor in pre-law if you can. This minor is at the top of the list for what can serve you in making your life easier and preparing you for grad school if that is your plan. Look at employment law, tax law, business law, or finance law. You’re going to need to understand contracts when you get hired for a national tour right? What better way to protect yourself and your interests than understanding law?

Parents, by your student minoring in one of these programs, they will be making their future a lot more financially secure, which will give you piece of mind. If you have more questions about this or any other topics we’ve discussed, visit our CAP Parents Portal. And if you haven’t already JOIN!


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