SE Missouri State

Dec 16, 2021

Meet me about two hours south of St. Louis!


Southeast Missouri State, or SEMO, is home to a beautiful performing arts campus! Josh Harvey is discussing the program and opportunities here, and let me tell you- they are abundant!

Josh Harvey is a professor in the college theatre program at SEMO which offers BA’s and BFA’s in this program. Josh taught at Washington Lee for a few years, completed his masters at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, and finally made his way to SEMO.

The school itself consists of two campuses. Main campus, and the River campus. The River campus is where most of the classes for the arts program are held. They also have the distinction of being the only fully accredited arts campus in the state of Missouri, and one of only a few in the Midwest. With about 13,000 students at the school, and only around 220 students in the arts programs, you are sure to get a very in-depth and personalized experience here.

But where is Cape Girardeau you ask? And is there anything to do there for entertainment? Well, it’s about two hours south of St. Louis, and it is a smaller town with around 60 thousand people. There are your standard amenities available in town, but you are also close to so many other areas, you’ll never run out of things to do.

The program itself is outstanding. They put on around 9 or more productions a year from musicals, plays, dance recitals, etc. You’ll have ample opportunity to perform and hone your skills. Now I know you’re thinking, “Well yeah, after my freshman year maybe.” NO! They do not have a “first year rule”!! You can start performing your freshman year. You may even get the lead if you’re the best for the role! Where else can you get opportunities like that your freshman year? They audition twice a year, once in the fall for the spring productions, and once in the spring for fall productions. If you will be attending in the fall and would like to audition for any of the productions, you can do that this spring! They accept video auditions, or you can even go in and audition.

This program really caters to students creating their own opportunities, and sometimes their own specialized tracks. From student reading workshops, classes, and multiple productions you will always stay busy here. And if you come into the school for the BA program and decided you want to get a BFA instead, awesome! They can help you do that! You can audition at the end of each year to join the BFA program.

Now I’ve saved the best for last. Are you ready? Tuition is up to $21,000 PER YEAR!!! You heard me the max tuition WITH room and board would be around $21,000 PER YEAR! WHAT?!?! That is amazing! AND if you have a GPA of around 3.25 (for confirmation of this number see their website) to 3.5, you could possibly get the change to apply for instate tuition. I don’t know about you, but from where I’m sitting, this is a great opportunity!

For more information, you can contact Josh Harvey at Or join our CAP Parent Portal! You know you want to!


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