Hussian College

Jan 13, 2022

Are you interested in participating in a BFA program at a theatre college that’s located on a Hollywood studio lot? ME TOO!

Scott Barnhardt is the lead faculty for the Contemporary Musical Theater and Film program at the Hussian College in L.A. (previously The Studio School). Scott grew up in SoCal attending the OCSA school and taking part in the CLO circuit. Scott attended Wagner college where he received his BA in theater and speech, and then spent 15 years in NY! Scott was part of productions in NY such as Big River, The Boyfriend, and Book of Mormon! After performing for 15 years, Scott decided to make a shift and attended UCLA grad school, where he discovered his love for teaching. He ran the OCSA theater program for about 4 years before coming over to the Hussian College.

Hussian College is one of the most unique programs around. The school itself is located on a Hollywood Studio lot, specifically the LA Center Studios right in the heart of L.A.! The school only has four programs, so it is smaller than your average college. This can be a huge plus though! The opportunities for performing are endless as they open auditions to everyone. Plus, you have the opportunity to receive your BFA in film here! Scott’s class particularly teaches students how to act for stage AND screen.

The opportunities for students to let their creative juices flow are endless here. As we speak, they are working on building a program around projects pitched by the students. There are showcases for these projects in L.A. as well!

If you haven’t already, go look at the virtual tour of this campus. I promise you will be amazed! This campus is in an amazing environment that allows the students to get a feel for what it’s like on a real film set.

Now for that question I know is nagging at you. How does housing work if the school is on a studio lot? Well, there is no housing with this school. There are plenty of options in the L.A. area however! Most students rent apartments with other students in the area. Which means that room and board are not included in the tuition fees. These fees are around $40,000 a year. And most students receive financial aid and scholarships. Merit scholarships are also an option!

I will say this- This school is not for everyone. Because of its unique location and specialized focus, some students may not thrive here. But for those who are a match for this school, this is a STELLAR match!

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